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Project Syndicate

Dear Project Syndicate reader,
Welcome to the November 2011 edition of our monthly newsletter. Below you will find the latest news from Project Syndicate, as well as a selection of some of the most newsworthy commentaries from the past month. This month, we’re pleased to bring you our new special supplement on aging. Keep up to date with all of our content by visiting our Web site regularly. As always, thank you for your continued support.


Latest Commentaries

The Revolt of the Debtors

by Daniel Gros

BRUSSELS – Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s call to hold a referendum on the rescue package agreed at the eurozone summit in late October has profound implications for European governance, despite the fact that the referendum will not now go ahead. It may also determine the future of the euro.

Papandreou had to reverse course quickly in response to both internal and external pressure, but the option that he put on the table will not go away, whatever the fate of the present Greek government. As long as the Greek people have to be asked to accept one austerity package after another, they might wonder when they will have a direct say on this matter…read more.

Obama and Asia’s Two Futures

by Yuriko Koike

TOKYO – Despite the relentless shift of global economic might to Asia, and China’s rise as a great power – the central historical events of our time, which will drive world affairs for the foreseeable future – America’s focus has been elsewhere. The terrorist attacks of 2001, followed by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the Great Contraction of 2008, the Arab Spring, and Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, all diverted the United States from helping to create a lasting structure of peace to accommodate today’s resurgent Asia.

In November, US President Barack Obama can begin to redress this imbalance when he hosts the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in his native state of Hawaii. The meeting’s timing is fortunate, because a number of critical Asian issues are coming to a boil…read more.


Other Recent Commentaries


October’s Most Popular Articles


Special Project Syndicate Supplement on Aging

Project Syndicate is proud to present its latest special supplement, Old World.

Old World focuses leading economic, political, and scientific minds on what may be the most far-reaching question of our time: What will a significantly older world look like socially, economically, politically, and – perhaps most importantly to aging people – medically?

The supplement features insights from leading statesmen and researchers, including:

“The Shrinking North” by Pierre Buhler

“States of Gray” by John Hutton

“Aging Before Affluence in China” by Cai Fang

“The New Old Generation Gap” by Edoardo Campanella

“From Bismarck to Bankruptcy?” by Harold James

“Aging, the Final Frontier” by Cynthia Kenyon

“Fiscal Child Abuse” by Laurence J. Kotlikoff

“Managing Longer Lives” by James Vaupel and Björn Schwentker

“Alzheimer’s at the Crossroads” by Alina Solomon and Bengt Winblad


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