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Dear Project Syndicate reader,
Welcome to the December 2011 edition of our monthly newsletter. Below you will find the latest news from Project Syndicate, as well as a selection of some of the most newsworthy commentaries from the past month. This month, we’re pleased to salute our contributors who were named among Foreign Policy‘s “Top 100 Global Thinkers,” and to release our latest Amazon Kindle offering. Keep up to date with all of our content by visiting our Web site regularly. As always, thank you for your continued support.


Project Syndicate Contributors Named among Top Global Thinkers

This month, Foreign Policy released its annual list of the “Top 100 Global Thinkers,” which included 26 Project Syndicate contributors among the world’s leading intellectuals and statesmen.

Honorees include Project Syndicate economic contributors Kenneth Rogoff, a former chief economist at the IMF; Nouriel Roubini, considered a “Cassandra” of the financial crisis; Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz; PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian; and Berkeley professor Barry Eichengreen.

Project Syndicate political commentators who made the list include former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans; Harvard professor Joseph Nye; and Bjørn Lomborg, Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center. Anne-Marie Slaughter, former director of policy planning at the US State Department under Hillary Clinton, will become a monthly commentator from January 2012.


New Amazon Kindle Offering

Project Syndicate is pleased to offer the complete archive of Joseph Stiglitz’s commentaries, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Stiglitz, a 2001 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, has pioneered pathbreaking theories of economic information, taxation, development, trade, and technical change. As a policymaker, he served on and later chaired President Bill Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, and was Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank. He is currently a professor at Columbia University, and has taught at Stanford, Yale, Princeton, and Oxford.

The complete archive of Joseph Stiglitz’s commentaries for Project Syndicate features 141 pieces by Stiglitz, from 2001 to the present, and is available here.


Latest Commentaries

Winning the European Confidence Game

by Raghuram Rajan

CHICAGO – If any solution to the European crisis proposed over the next few days is to restore confidence to the sovereign-bond markets, it will have to be both economically viable and politically palatable to rescuers and rescued alike. This means paying attention not just to the plan’s technical details, but also to appearances.

There is growing consensus about any solution’s key elements. First, Italy and Spain will have to come up with credible medium-term plans that will not just restore their fiscal health, but also improve their ability to grow their way out of trouble. While any plan will involve pain for citizens, the markets must deem the pain politically tolerable, at least relative to the alternatives…read more.

Obama’s Pacific Pivot

by Joseph S. Nye

CAMBRIDGE – Asia’s return to the center of world affairs is the great power shift of the twenty-first century. In 1750, Asia had roughly three-fifths of the world’s population and accounted for three-fifths of global output. By 1900, after the Industrial Revolution in Europe and America, Asia’s share of global output had shrunk to one-fifth. By 2050, Asia will be well on its way back to where it was 300 years earlier.

But, rather than keeping an eye on that ball, the United States wasted the first decade of this century mired in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it in a recent speech, American foreign policy will “pivot” toward East Asia…read more.


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