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Dear Project Syndicate reader, 
Welcome to the October 2012 newsletter, bringing you the latest news from Project Syndicate and a selection of key commentaries from the past month. This month, we are pleased to present a new Focal Point, inspired by the awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, and another on the health and prospects of the global economy. To keep up-to-date with all of our content, visit our Web site regularly, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your continued support.


Europe’s Nobel Project


On Friday, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded this year’s peace prize to the European Union, citing its six-decade-long contribution “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.” But the EU’s crucial role in uniting a fragmented, war-torn continent has lately been eclipsed by political infighting and a financial crisis that threaten to tear it apart. Will the EU continue to serve as a beacon of peace?

In a new Focal Point, some of Europe’s most renowned visionaries assess the EU’s potential. Commentaries include Wim Duisenberg on the EU as an engine of peace, Václav Havel on whether a European identity exists, Javier Solana on austerity’s impact, and Joschka Fischer on how Germany threatens European unity.

Read the full Focal Point here.


Zombie Growth


As uncertainty weighs down the global economy, policymakers are promising that controversial policies – such as strict austerity and aggressive monetary measures – will stabilize markets and stimulate growth. Are they right, or is the global economy on the verge of another downward lurch?

In a new Focal PointProject Syndicate contributors assess the global economy’s future. Commentaries include Joseph Stiglitz on why the US and EU are relying excessively on their central banks, Daniel Gros on why government spending won’t help countries recover, Martin Feldstein on the return of inflation, Kenneth Rogoff on the future of interest rates, and Jeffrey Frankel on the next black swan event.

Read the full Focal Point here.


Most Recent Commentaries


Europe’s Flawed Banking Union

by Howard Davies

PARIS – The European Union is now the proud owner of a Nobel Peace Prize. When the choice alighted on Barack Obama three years ago, the Norwegian Nobel Committee was criticized for honoring someone whose achievements were still to come. The Committee took that criticism to heart, and this time decorated an institution with a proud past, but a clouded future.

The eurozone is distinct from the EU of course, but it is the Union’s most ambitious undertaking to date, and it is still struggling to equip itself with the structures needed to bolster a currency union. A common fiscal policy remains a distant dream, as does a genuine political union…read more.


Time to Test Iran

by Richard N. Haass

NEW YORK – Most of the debate about how to address Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear-weapons capacity focuses on two options. The first is to rely on deterrence and live with an Iran that has a small nuclear arsenal or the ability to assemble one with little advance notice. The second is to launch a preventive military strike aimed at destroying critical parts of the Iranian program and setting back its progress by an estimated two or more years.

But now a third option has emerged: negotiating a ceiling on the nuclear program that would not be too low for Iran’s government and not too high for the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world…read more.


Other Recent Commentaries


September’s Most Popular Commentaries


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