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Newsletter, Edition 11, February 2013


Partnering in an Uncertain World

 The international system has entered a transition marked by the diffusion of power, deepening interdependence and growing vulnerability to risks cutting across borders. The multilateral order has been struggling to adjust to the changing constellation of power and competition between ideas. Demand for global governance falls at the intersection of the mandates and expertise of separate institutions. Mutual trust is a vital ingredient to bridge the gap between the demand for and supply of international cooperation but it is also a scarce resource, and all the more so in the aftermath of the economic crisis.

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Dr. Giovanni Grevi
Acting Director of FRIDE (Fundacion para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Dialogi Exterior)


GR:EEN is a Framework 7 Programme integrated research project focused on the challenges faced by the EU in establishing and enhancing its abilities to operate in a multi-polar world. GR:EEN will study the role of the EU through a programme of stocktaking, multidisciplinary research and activities that aims at understanding of the prospective directions of the global governance structures and Europe’s place in them. Analysis will focus on the extant actors from the 20th century, the 21st century rising powers, the increasingly influential non-state actors and the new transnational regulatory networks of public and private policy makers and regional agencies.

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The EU’s Foreign Policy What Kind of Power and Diplomatic Action?

by Mario Telò (Université libre de Bruxelles) and Frederik Ponjaert (Université libre de Bruxelle)

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Can the crisis unlock Euro-Mediterranean relations?

by Kristina Kausch (FRIDE)

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China and the Arab Awakening

by Shaun Breslin (University of Warwick)

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Credit rating agencies and the sovereign debt crisis: Performing the politics of creditworthiness through risk and uncertainty

by Bartholomew Paudyn

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“The European Union in Global Finance” book workshop is taking place on 7-8 March at the University of Amsterdam.


On 18-19 April ULB organises in Brussels a workshop entitled “The EU as a laboratory for deepening multilateralism”.

On 11-12 April, UNU-CRIS hosts in Budapest the workshop “New Issues on Public Policy”

VIEWS ON THE EU: 12th issue

The next edition of the GR:EEN newsletter will be available online.





“The European Union External Action in Times of Crisis and Change”; Agora Forum: Advocacy, Governmental organizations and research network s associated. February 27-28.

Visit the site of the event

WP3 (The Role of regional Leadership in Multi-Polarity: The EU, The Americas, Asia, Africa & the Pacific) Workshop in Boston, February 14-15, on the theme “Financial Stability and Energy Safety in the Americas and Europe: the Role of Transnational Policy Networks


GR:EEN workshop, hosted by Waseda University, Tokyo, January 29-30.


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