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Newsletter, Edition 12, May 2013



NGOs and the Containment Approach to Counter-Terrorism

 Terrorism, as Walter Laqueur observed in his 1997 book Terrorism – tends to come in waves. So does counter-terrorism. Each of the four waves of terrorism commonly identified in the academic literature – elaborated by David C. Rapoport in a series of articles – prompted its own response by the states that were targeted. Our recent research – forthcoming in Global Policy as “Fighting.
Fire with Water: NGO and Counter-Terrorism Policy Tools” – explore the link between types of terrorism, state’s perception of the threat and the elaboration of counter-terrorism policy; as well as the role NGOs and international organisations can and do play in fighting terrorism.

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Prof. Nick Sitter
Professor of Public Policy at the Department of Public Policy at Central European University

Dr. Tom Parker
Policy Director for Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Human Rights, Amnesty International, USA


GR:EEN is a Framework 7 Programme integrated research project focused on the challenges faced by the EU in establishing and enhancing its abilities to operate in a multi-polar world. GR:EEN will study the role of the EU through a programme of stocktaking, multidisciplinary research and activities that aims at understanding of the prospective directions of the global governance structures and Europe’s place in them. Analysis will focus on the extant actors from the 20th century, the 21st century rising powers, the increasingly influential non-state actors and the new transnational regulatory networks of public and private policy makers and regional agencies.

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Does function matter? Researching comparative regional governance

by Shaun Breslin (University of Warwick)

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Can the crisis unlock Euro-Mediterranean relations?

by Anna Chung (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

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The EU’s Foreign Policy. What Kind of Power and Diplomatic Action?

by Mario Telò (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Frederik Ponjaert (Université Libre de Bruxelle

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Experimentalism in the EU: Common ground and persistent differences

by Jonathan Zeitlin (University of Amsterdam) and Charles F. Sabel (Columbia Law School)

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On 20 May, ISPI, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organises in Rome the Second GR:EEN Executive Briefing Conference ”New Regional Powers: What Role for Europe?”

On 22-23 April, the School of International Studies at Peking University, in collaboration with NUPI, hosts in Beijing the workshop “China and World Energy Governance: stocktaking and critical reviews”

VIEWS ON THE EU: 13th issue

The next edition of the GR:EEN newsletter will be available online.




On 18-19 April, ULB organises in Brussels a workshop entitled “The EU as a laboratory for deepening multilateralism”.

On 11-12 April, UNU-CRIS hosts in Budapest the workshop “New Issues on Public Policy”


“The European Union in Global Finance” book workshop is taking place on 7-8 March at the University of Amsterdam.



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