Posted by: anotherworldip | 10/05/2013



With the US Federal Reserve set to maintain its monetary stimulus, and congressional deadlock forcing the US government to shut down, America has become the wildcard of the global economy. Project Syndicate‘s contributors assess the domestic and international implications of America’s polarizing economic policies and dysfunctional politics.


America’s Endless Budget Battle

Kenneth Rogoff: “Americans need to leave a legacy of civil political decision-making to future generations. That essential feature of effective government is now at risk.” [READ MORE]

The Founding Fathers’ Fiscal Crisis

Peter Singer: “The fundamental cause of America’s fiscal impasse lies in its founders’ belief in the doctrine of the separation of powers. That doctrine has always been philosophically controversial.” [READ MORE]

Occupy QE

Stephen Roach: “Quantitative easing benefits the few who need it the least. That is not a recipe for a broad-based and socially optimal economic recovery.” [READ MORE]


Check out the latest commentary and analysis from Project Syndicate on emerging markets,central banking, Syria’s ongoing civil war, and more.


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