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The 2008 financial crisis heralded a return to prominence for the World Bank and the IMF. Project Syndicate‘s contributors assess these institutions’ performance since then, and examine how they should be reformed to promote development more effectively and help advanced and emerging economies alike to avoid – or at least mitigate – future crises.


Reason and the End of Poverty

Kaushik Basu: “World Bank research predicts that if all countries grow at the same rates that they did over the past 20 years, with no change in income distribution, world poverty will fall to 7.7% by 2030, from 17.7% in 2010.” [READ MORE]

The IMF’s Next Test

Gita Gopinath: “The world needs strategies to mitigate financial volatility. Rather than wait for a crisis to erupt before intervening, the IMF should provide ‘forward guidance’ on how it will tackle potential disruptions.” [READ MORE]

Women and the World Economy

Christine Lagarde: “IMF research shows that progress toward leveling the economic playing field for women has stalled, which translates into lower economic growth – amounting to as much as 27% of per capita GDP in some countries.” [READ MORE]

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