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Is Economics a Science?

Robert Shiller: “The advance of behavioral economics is not fundamentally in conflict with mathematical economics. And, while economics presents its own methodological problems, the basic challenges facing researchers are not fundamentally different from those faced by researchers in other fields.”

The Real Heroes of the Global Economy

Dani Rodrik: “Countries like Austria, Canada, and Uruguay cannot match the world’s growth champions, because they do not over-borrow or sustain a mercantilist economic model. Theirs are unremarkable economies that do not garner many headlines. But without them, the global economy would be even less manageable than it already is.”

South Africa Breaks Out

Joseph Stiglitz: “It is no surprise that South Africa, after a careful review of investment treaties, has decided that they should be renegotiated. Doing so is not anti-investment; it is pro-development. And it is essential if South Africa’s government is to pursue policies that best serve the country’s economy and citizens”


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