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Globalization, its advocates promised, would enable all people to rise as high as their talents could take them. Yet, for most of the world, equality of opportunity remains a distant prospect – one that only new education strategies can bring closer. We welcome you to join the global debate concerning educational practice and policy on Project Syndicate’s new education vertical.


Microeconomics for All

Paul Seabright: “Restructuring the microeconomics syllabus would send an inspiring – and accurate – message: even complex ideas developed by experts can be understood and applied by educated laypeople.”

The Humanities Crisis

Andrew Delbanco: “It is time to abandon the “either/or” discourse that pits science against humanities. It is time to seek out best practices that bridge this putative divide, and scale them up.”

European Universities’ Identity Crisis

Víctor Pérez-Díaz: “Policymakers must be aware of the educational and cultural damage that continuous reforms – all justified in the future-oriented jargon of the day – can wreak.”


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