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Project Syndicate wishes you a happy and productive 2014. We bid farewell to 2013 with a selection of the year’s most read, discussed, and shared contributions.

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The Best, Brightest, and Least Productive?

Robert Shiller (September): “The real issue is that the share is even higher among the most educated and accomplished people, whose activities may be economically and socially useless, if not harmful.”

Back to Housing Bubbles

Nouriel Roubini (November): “Now, signs of frothiness, if not outright bubbles, are reappearing in housing markets in Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Resistible Fall of Europe

George Soros (May): “The euro is in the process of destroying the European Union. To some extent, this has already happened, in the sense that the EU was meant to be a voluntary association of equal states.”

The Myth of Organic Agriculture

Henry Miller (November): “The simple truth is that buying non-organic is far more cost-effective, more humane, and more environmentally responsible.”

The Case for India

Raghuram Rajan (September): “India can do better – much better. The path to a more open, competitive, efficient, and humane economy will surely be bumpy in the years to come.”

The Tyranny of Political Economy

Dani Rodrik (February): “By endogenizing politicians’ behavior, political economy disempowers policy analysts. It is as if physicists came up with theories that explained not only natural phenomena, but also determined which bridges and buildings engineers would build.”

Why Pay More?

Peter Singer (May): “Not every luxury is wrong. But to mock someone for having a sensible watch at a modest price puts pressure on others to join the quest for ever-greater extravagance.”


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