Posted by: anotherworldip | 01/04/2014



Following diplomatic victories in Syria and Ukraine in 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s drive to reassert the Kremlin’s geopolitical influence seems to be working. But, with Russia’s economic future in doubt, can it really become a great power again?


The Sultan of Sochi

Aryeh Neier: “By providing steadfast support to the Assad regime and blocking measures that would bring war criminals to justice, Putin shares with Assad culpability for the largest-scale atrocities in the world today.”

Putin’s Rearguard Battle

Shlomo Ben-Ami: “The most serious threat to Russia’s global status is the coming obsolescence of its nuclear arsenal. Russia is no more able to compete with Western technology and capabilities today than the Soviet Union was when it collapsed under the stress of its arms race with the US.”

Putin the Perónist

Nina Khrushcheva: “What now seems more likely, due to the dependence of a majority of Russians on state handouts, is that when Russia’s leader finally leaves the stage, Putinism, like Perónism, will survive, with a bizarre half-life lasting decades.”


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