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Many political and economic certainties were upended in 2013. Project Syndicate’s year in review covers the issues at the source with original, exclusive commentaries by Hassan Rouhani on Iran’s new international posture, Shinzo Abe on Japan’s “Abenomics,” Park Geun-hye on inter-Korean relations, George Osborne on British austerity, Daniel Yergin on US shale energy, George Soros on Germany’s European policy, and many more.


Japan’s Coming “Wage Surprise”

Shinzo Abe: “Japan’s wage earners have lost ¥34.3 trillion over the last decade and a half – an amount larger than the annual GDP of Denmark, Malaysia, or Singapore. Only when this trend is reversed can Japan’s economy resume a long-term upward trajectory.”

What Iran Wants in 2014

Hassan Rouhani: “The continuation of pressure, arm-twisting, intimidation, and measures aimed at cutting off Iranians’ access to a whole range of necessities – from technology to medicines and foodstuffs – can only poison the atmosphere and undermine the conditions needed to make progress.”

The World Economy’s Shifting Challenges

George Soros: “Without realizing it, Germany is repeating the tragic error of the French after World War I. Prime Minister Aristide Briand’s insistence on reparations led to the rise of Hitler; Angela Merkel’s policies are giving rise to extremist movements in the rest of Europe.”

Reinventing the Inter-Korean Relationship

Park Geun-hye: “If North Korea shows a firm commitment to denuclearization and takes practical steps to this end, we will take the lead in securing the international community’s support for active assistance in the North’s economic development.”

A Future Made in Europe

Enrico Letta: “In order to create deeper, more integrated, and more multi-dimensional markets, the EU should place a high priority on free-trade agreements, especially the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership currently being negotiated with the US.”

The Global Impact of US Shale

Daniel Yergin: “The shale-energy revolution does provide a new source of resilience for the US and enhances America’s position in the world. The emergence of shale gas and tight oil in the US demonstrates, once again, how innovation can change the balance of global economic and political power.”

Middle East Security in 2014

Ehud Barak: “With the Arab Spring now frozen over, the regional outlook for 2014 appears gloomy. Seizing opportunities will demand global leadership, strategic clarity, nuance, and decisiveness – almost all of which were absent in 2013.”


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